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 Im under attack! what do i do?

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Im under attack! what do i do? Empty
PostSubject: Im under attack! what do i do?   Im under attack! what do i do? Icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 10:58 am

when you find yourself under attack the first thing that matters is time. the military adviser will tell you if they are ship, or units by the icon pictured next to the time.

assuming your aggressor is coming for you resources, and you were foolish enough to leave all you spys out over night. follow these simple steps
1. is the attacker sending troops and not sending ships to blockade you?
a. if you have time, build one rams ship, quick, cheap, and the attacker will get bounced.

2. recall or train your spys, most attackers will try to spy the garrison right before they get their.

3. judge the size of the attack, how many units are coming, if needed, alert your near by alliance mates.
or maybe you have a friend on the island who owes you one.

4.shift over troops and warships if you can beat the attacker. time matters, when shifting war ships, send then in groups, rams and paddle are the fastest but they are attacking units with low defensive sides. but they will get there first. mortars and catapults will be there last.
5. stop production in the mills of the island under attack.

1. if you think you will get beat, and no body answers you calls. follow thiese lines of action, the goal is to use up, and ship out.
a. contact the attacker via in game message, ask, do we really have to do this, very nicely
b. build the most expensive building you can.
c.can you budget handle more military, que up troops to burn up the sulfur.
d. can you build cooks, do you have excess wine that you cant ship out in time? build cooks, @ 350 wine a piece you can go through some wine.
start loading up excess crystal, marble and wine. leave the wood for now unless your sure the ship ment will get out in time.

if it wont get out in time, waste it! why let him have it so he'll come back for more? no, waste it

click on the ware house and check what your safe levels are, then by the means above, lower your inventory to those levels,
burn it all up, you can do this with
marble by building a building, stop construction and you get half back, so you just wasted half. repeat as needed, care to actually let the building build the last round.
sulfer burn up sulfer by bulding troops
cystal crystal build an academy and by upgrades
wine, build cooks, and move the tavern bar up down a few time to you get to the safe number.
wood always leave wood for last, you get it from every town and it the easiest to get rid of, just donate it the island mills.
move you ships and troops out of harms way, your attacker comes and goes with nothing and he even wasted all the gold it took for moving his military, and all that time. Now if you want to have to go through this again, just leave your spy huts low, and he'll be back by the end of the week.
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Im under attack! what do i do?
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