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 Units Pros and Cons War strategy

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PostSubject: Units Pros and Cons War strategy   Units Pros and Cons War strategy Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 9:21 am

Land units

Units are Divided into six major classes according to specialties

And 2 major classes according to characteristics

So lets start with the six major Classes accordint to specialties

1.) Units that have a resistance bonus. This are phalanx and archers

Resistance units gets additional defense while defending towns.

Phalanx- The best defense unit there is. For me its much better than archers, Why? They have an 8 stamina that will take the attackers about 3 rounds to affect your phalanx attack and defense. Phalanx are also much cheaper than archers

Archers- They are much more advance than phalanx. They have a higher attack compared to phalanx. But they have smaller stamina. Only 5 stamina. Archers are good in blitz attacks and defense where the battles will only last for less than 3 rounds

Resistance units are also the most hardy units in the game. You can use phalanx to attack and take the defenders attacks with only minor losses. Ill discuss it in another thread about wave attack.

2.) Units that have Assaults bonus. This are swordsman, gunsman and bombardier.

Assault units gets additional attack when attacking.

Swordsman- Maybe one of the best units there is for this time period because maybe most of you dont have gunsman yet. They are cheap, easy to build(very fast) and have a 10 minute travel time when attacking (good for counter attacks because normally units travel for 12 minutes when attacking on land). If you want to win by stamina and over run a player. Build 1000 of this and attack them using a breach attack. I will discuss it in a different thread.

Gunsman- Maybe the best assault unit there is. They have a good stamina that lasts for 4 rounds when attacking. The only downside of this is they are expensive and it really takes a lot of gold to upgrade this unit. But this is my favorite unit of all.

Bombardier- Prolly you will get this unit after some months because it is the last unit you need to research. They have the most powerful attack and defense ratio of all. But their stamina sux. 3 stamina really sux. one round and their attack and defense goes down instantly. Well for me bombards are only good in blitz attack. They are also expensive, about 600 sulfur to make 1. OMG!!!

3.) Neutral units that doesnt have any bonus.

Slinger- The cheapest unit there is. LOl if you dont have sulfur you can build a slinger army, and own. The Good thing about this is they can add your army a bunch of stamina. They are not good in attacking and defending alone. But mix them with phalanx and other units and they will be hard to stop. Like they say, Its all about numbers here in version 3.1

Steam giant- Prolly the noobs thinks this is the best unit there is. For me its the worst unit. They are so GD expensive. They have a descent attack and defense ratio. But like bombardiers, their stamina sux. After 2 rounds your Steam giants will drop like flies in the battlefield. This is only good when mixed with phalanx. The phalanx will add additional stamina to your steam giants. But still use only SG when your expecting a quick victory

4.) Units that can breach walls

This is where noobs are separated from pros. Pros uses the breach advantage in version 3 and 3,1
Beaching units only boost your units attack in only one round. I repeat only one round. But there is a glitch in this one round breach only. I will teach you about it in the wave attack strategy.

Most people thinks that it is only neutral and resistance units that gets a breach bonus. Thats why the "eeling pros" Hails the steam giants as the most powerful unit because when you are able to breach high, The steam giants attack reaches 300+. But no, assault units like swordsman can get the breach bonus too. Hell my bombardier in ikariam.ph has 1.6k attack power. my gunsman have 500 attack power per piece, I have 1k gunsman so its 500k attack instantly. In short, total domination

Rams- Cheapest unit, has a 30 gold income per hour. 1 ram= 10 percent chance to breach. So it will take you 10 rams to get 1 full breach

catapults- not as cheap as rams but it has a 30 gold income per hour too, Which makes it better than ram. It gives 20 percent chance to breach, So it will take you 5 catapults to get 1 full breach

Mortar- The most expensive breaching unit but the most effective one, 60 gold upkeep per hour. But it breaches effectively, it has a 30 percent chance to breach. it will take you 3 mortars to get 1 full breach

5.) Cooks- The master of stamina. Cooks regains your units stamina per round
1 cook= 40 units stamina he can replenish

6) Doctors= Keeps your losses to a minimum, heals units, I dont get how it works but the more doctor you have the less losses you will get

2 major division According to characteristics


Machina- It replenishes its own stamina by its own, It doesnt need a cook to replenish its stamina, But doctors doesnt heal machines, so dont mix your steam giants with doctors

Humans- Its stamina are replenished by cooks, It can be healed by doctors

I hope this guy helps you. It is based on my own experience. I have been on more than 30 wars already, 3 of them are world wars.. and I have won 95 percent of them. So this is from a pro warmaster.
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Units Pros and Cons War strategy
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