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PostSubject: Occupation Tips   Occupation Tips Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 2:30 pm

You have researched Governor and now you can occupy.
1. Q. Whats is good for?
A. Occupation is a handy tool for Pillaging a entire island for mid ranged Pillages, 2-3 islands away. and side stepping every one's navy, plus when you occupy, there is NO return time to the occupied island, it becomes one of your towns, just the trip home every time. it can also be used for keeping your foot on you enemies throat and making his life miserably.
when you are occupied soldiers cost double to make. and if your already pillaged, your in trouble. if you become occupied, you can do nothing with your towns except control the workers in the mill, and build troops at double the cost.
Unlike the floater or MWC.
A.occupation takes loot from a pillaged town, through the occupied town, drops off 10% of loot in the occupied town, then sends i90% to the town of your choice, tying up your ships for that time, so occupying long distance is not recommend.
B. a occupation can roam about freely, moving from town to town with out ever returning home.

2, Q, How do i occupy?
A. Occupation is just the next step in pillaging, its as easy as a normal pillage, but with a few extra things to remember.
1. RESEARCH. Do your homework on the targeted island. spy out warehouses before you get there, note the military scores on the island (can you beat them), do they alliance mates near by. what times do you see them online.

2. COST. when you send out a pillage, the army and navy you send will cost you double for the time they are out of your town, the same hold true for occupation, even when they are in the occupied towns doing nothing.

3. PLAN AHEAD. you must hold the harbor and the town you are occupying or it is useless ( explained latter in "how do i defend from a occpation") so you must send enough troops to hold the town while you other troops are off pillaging or the town owner may press the "revolt" button and break your occupation causing you to lose all your loot and getting your troops and trade ships scattered.

4. When you pillage from a occupied city, the occupied city receives 10% of the pillaged loot, easy enough to recover if you remember to move your occupation to another town on the island, then pillage the town you just left. (after you have occupied a second town with ALL your troops, you must first end your occupation on the first town before you can pillage it and recover the 10% loot, it adds up qickly.

5. DEFENDING YOUR OCCUPATION. if your island inhabitants decide your a threat and they want to get you out of there, this is a few ways to stop or slow them down.
Your General lights up, time matters! you check your military adviser and see it is someone on the island attacking your occupied city to get you out of there.

a. CHECK to see how many troops are coming, and who is attacking, if you did your homework you will already have a list next to your monitor showing what every one on the island has in his garrison. If you have faith you will win with out huge losses, stick it out and let the attack land.

b. THE WALL of the city you are occupying is now in your favor, it helps to defend you! another reason for taking out the biggest town first.

c. IF YOU CANT WIN , side step the attack.
a.occupy another town.
b. or occupy another island, or
c. just end your occupation and send your troops home.
for (a)first move your ships , then troops to another town on the island who was already pillaged on the island and pray their troops are still scattered. if they are you'll move in with out a fight.
the attacker will get stuck fighting a empty town and then get stuck with a 35 minute pillage waiting while you pillage his town which now has 0 to little troops.

6. you can only end you occupation in your palace.

7. never lose a battle while your occupying, your troops, and your ships will be scattered for only God knows how long, leaving yourself defenseless for that time.

8.When occupying, chose the town with the largest port, you use their port to load up goods, bigger ports= faster returns.

9. HOW Do I DEFEND against a occupation on my island? This can be a bit of a waiting game. but the first thing you want to know is Whats the military scores on the island, when you see one drop you know he's working over that town, or just finish and is in pillage waiting, now is the time to strike when his troops are not in the occupied town.
A. blockade the harbor, all the loot goes in the sea orrrrrr.
B. wait till you see a score drop, or a building burning, then immediately free (a new "free town" button comes up when you click on a occupied town) the city he is stationed at, ( when you pillage from a occupied city and send out all your troops, a small hand full of troops stay behind. usually 2 phalanx ) you will break his occupation and the goods he just pillaged stay in the town he was stationed at. his troops and ship return to the Now unoccupied town and get scattered to the winds for hours, now go pillage his home bases while he has little to no troops.

Im sure i left out something, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the questions thread. one of us will answer them asap.
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Occupation Tips
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