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PostSubject: Scripty Stuffs   Scripty Stuffs Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 9:17 am

This are pretty helpful scripts I am using. I wont post the others since it is restricted by the creators for me to distribute it.

First Requirements to use this

Must have Mozilla Firefox
Must have Greasemonkey installed from firefox

Step 1

Downloading firefox

Go to google. Search mozilla firefox, download

Step 2

Getting greasemonkey

Go to google again, Search greasemonkey, DOwnload, Then install

Step 3

This are the links that will give you the scripts

1 Missing resources Script

Shows what resources are missing for you to upgrade that building


2 Town enhancer

Places a hammer on buildings that can be upgraded already.


3 Citizen alerter

Your population turns red when you are near the maximum capacity of population


4 General aide

Shows you the military score of the player when you click his town. Allowed version of Inline score. Inline score is illegal, General aide is legal.


If you use other scripts other than this, Feel free to post it here. I have other scripts here but its confidential for you guys.

5 Trade ship calculator

Gives you the exact number of trade ships needed to loot all the guys resources from your spy report


6 Hideout Travel Times

Pretty simple. On the Hideout page, it grabs your towns co-ords and the co-ords of each city you have a spy in, calculates the travel time and displays it next to the target towns name. Very useful for planning which towns you want to hit.


7 Vejida's Spy Checker

a script that shows the risk of spies getting in, and you can edit the variables to see what happens if you let one spy out and such.


Find Vejida's spy checker and leecher checker only. The other scripts Vejida made are illegal. Only the spy checker and leecher checker is legal

Other scripts

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... b1a2f65cf3

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... d917e69297


http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... d587753cff


http://ikariamlibrary.com/?content=Memb ... 20Resource

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=60066

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adaa040a31

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... ab65aa7472

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=61035

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... 92c1364159

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=60652

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=53683


http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=57800

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=60651

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... 117fbc722f

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... 39ce489224

http://ikariamlibrary.com/?content=Alli ... Highligher

http://board.ikariam.org/index.php?page ... adID=61032
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Scripty Stuffs
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