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 Cold war with XTR

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PostSubject: Cold war with XTR   Cold war with XTR Icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2009 1:42 pm

As you can see XTR has gang banged one of our member epme during our peace treaty.

You can recall that I have announced a ceasefire against XTR last time.XTR used this ceasefire to boost their military and to hit one of our members. And the funny thing here is that they even posted the battle in the forum and mocked our alliance. So will we let this act past? Of course no.

I have talked to their general KG and he has turned down my offer of peace. The terms I have given them is that we will hit the guys who has attacked epme and they wont help at all. They would also give the respective coordinates of those people. In exchange we would grant them a NAP. KG has not accepted this terms and that he said that it is only solarcloud's idea. But WTH are there 9 XTR members attacking epme at the same time?.

Here is the link on the thread so that you can see it.


Now all the coordinates are located in our embassy but it is not yet complete. I would post all the coordinates here in our forum and make a new post for it.

A poll has been made and most of enyo wants to kick some XTR butt so lets do it. But We wont declare sinsce it might trigger some alliance to attack us while we are at war.
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Cold war with XTR
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