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 Wave attack How to double your attack power in a battle

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PostSubject: Wave attack How to double your attack power in a battle   Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:02 am

So Let me summarize it for you.

2 kinds of attacks from a single person. Normal attack and wave attack

A normal attack is that when you send all your units in 1 attack. You only use 1 action point

The 2nd is a wave attack. It is where you send your breachers and resistance units in the first wave and follow it up with your assault units and 1 breacher in the 2nd wave. You will use 2 action points in this kind of attack. (Note that the assault units.aka swordsman.gunsman will arrive in round 2.)

First how do you do a wave attack?

This is simple. Like I said you will use 2 action points in this attack. Attack him first with your resistance,neutral,cooks,doctors and most importantly breacher units. Do not include assaults. (You must also calculate that your first wave will survive so when the 2nd wave hits. Your surely going to win.) The 2nd attack, or on the 2nd action point. Send all your assault units. Gunsman,swordsman and Note include 1 ram or breaching unit so you will get another bonus breach.

This is a strategy That have been used for months.

Second, whats a breach?

A breach is when you have successfully destroyed a wall of your enemy. Thus giving you 10 percent bonus attack per level of wall breached. Correct me if im wrong. You will only get the maximum breach accordint to the lvl of your opponents wall. Example your enemy has a lvl 8 wall. You will only get a maximum of 8 breaches, Thus giving your units an 80 percent boost in their attack.

Third, Why do I need to send my assault units in the second wave, why not mix them in the first wave?

Like I said, this is a secret only pro warmasters know. Assault units doesnt get any bonus attack when sent on the first wave. Only resistance and neutral units gets a bonus attack on the first wave. So it is only in the 2nd round your assault units will get a breach bonus attack.

Fourth, Why do I need to send 1 ram in the 2nd wave, Why not include it in the rams or breachers in the first wave?

This is a glitch in the system. this is what I call a double breach. You can get another breach bonus if you include a breacher in the 2nd wave. If you have managed to get a 4 breach in the first round, it will double to 8 breach in the 2nd round because of that single ram.

So I hope this helped

Now with this strategy, We can make 1m attack power damage happen here in theta. Yes We have done it already in other servers. But this is theta. This is enyo. We are the warbond

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PostSubject: Re: Wave attack How to double your attack power in a battle   Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:56 pm

on zeta i have used this strat alot, and it works well with larger targets.
also I did have one battle where I breeched a level 12 wall 14 times. yes you can go futher then the wall
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Wave attack How to double your attack power in a battle
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